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GIS FUSION is a leading consulting company that provides project & program management, EU projects coordination, R&D management, mentoring technology startups, entrepreneurship education, technology transfer, communication, dissemination & exploitation services for funded projects, proposal preparation, project partner search, matchmaking and consortium building, and consultancy and training in international funding programs like HORIZON 2020.

GIS FUSION is one of the top consulting companies with extensive experience in the Geo-ICT sector and multi-disciplinary engineering and GIS services, conducts market-oriented R&D in industries such as hydro-informatics, building information modeling, BIM, smart cities and intelligent transport systems (ITS).

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Choose GIS FUSION as your project partner, valuable R&D partner, innovative SME partner, recruitment (HR) partner, dissemination partner, media partner & consultant in order to enhance your innovation capacity and maximize the expected impact of your research project. GIS FUSION manages social media groups and digital marketing platforms surpassing 200,000 members and can help you expand your reach exponentially.

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1918  Mutlukent Mah.  No : 4 / 37
Cankaya, Ankara, 06800, TURKEY
Phone:+90 ( 538 ) 640 2300

Silicon Valley
USA Office:

4423  Fortran Ct.  Ste # 110
San Jose, California, 95134
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